FindJoy's Helpful Links For Pediatric Patients & Their Families 

When I first started FINDJOY seven years ago I was nannying for an amazing young girl. When she was first diagnosed with Pediatric Cancer I scoured the internet to find resources for her and her brother. I was able to find some amazing resources, like Monkey in my chair. This program helped keep her connected with her classmates as she was in another state for months of treatment. I also found the Beads of Courage Sibling Program that helped her little brother process his emotions and accomplishments during this difficult time. I was able to track down more of the Feeding Friends medical retention tape to brighten up her NG Feeding Tube and discovered a book called The Hair Fairy. 

Six years down the road my daughter was diagnosed Failure To Thrive and we had to travel to Seattle Children's Hospital every few weeks. So many of the things I had learned by walking with V during her cancer treatment I was able to use with my daughter. I had no idea what God was preparing me for but it sure gave me strength as we entered the medical world with our own little family. My daughter now has a feeding tube and some of those resources I had researched years before where  so valuable to us.

As we continued our journey I was able to find more resources for chronically ill children and their siblings like Tiny Super Heroes. This program helps children feel like superheroes and connects them to an amazing community of other kids through monthly missions. I also found the most amazing book for kids with feeding tubes called Team Super Tubie. My girls still love to read this book as they are able to identify with the  characters in this story. There are so many amazing people out there making a difference for sick kids and their families. We hope you find JOY and support through these amazing organizations and story books!


Resources For Medical Families

Brave Gowns

Brave Gowns has over 614 children on their waiting list, along with multiple hospitals that would love to bring Brave Gowns to their patients. We are adding the children's stories as quickly as we can get them sponsored! Please help put a smile on a child in the hospital today, by sponsoring a Brave Gown for a child on our waiting list! Thank you for your support!


Lightz Of Hope

We gift children with our LED Bluetooth Disco Speaker, who struggle with a disability or illness. The goal is to help brighten their day with this small token of hope! 


Beads Of Courage 

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or caring adult; we are here to support you!
Beads of Courage® has many different programs and resources to help encourage you and your family.
We believe in the power of art, expression, and connection! Our programs help children, teens and their families engage in experiences that promote self-expression and encourage positive coping skills.


Stitches by Charllett Dolls  

Stitches by Charlotte was created when a little girl received a sewing machine for Christmas.  Charlotte has spent countless hours over the past 2 years designing, sewing and selling dolls, then gifting proceeds to cleft charities.


Inclusive Dino Stickers  

Inclusive Dino Stickers to Raise Awareness for various medical needs. We have ordered some of the feeding tube Dino stickers. They are so fun!


Tiny Super Heroes

Every child's journey at TinySuperheroes begins with a Cape. These special Capes bring Courage, Hope, and Strength to the kids and families that wear them, and unite our community as a Squad. Where others see differences, we see superpowers.
Unlock your superpowers & complete Missions to earn a FREE Mission Kit with a Patch every month!


The Able Fables

Support Dr. Nichole Julia in her dream to make the world more inclusive for all abilities. Shop her inclusive books & tees that donate to build inclusive playgrounds!


Resources for Patients with Feeding Tubes

The Adventures of Team Super Tubie Book

The inspiration to write The Adventures of Team Super Tubie, came from author Kristi Meyer's son, Camden.  Diagnosed as a baby with Eosinophilic Esophagitis, which led to poor weight gain, Camden had a G-tube placed when he was two-and-a-half years old. The decision to place the tube was difficult, but necessary, and ultimately the best decision for his health and wellbeing.

Being thrust into the world of chronic disease and feeding tubes left the Meyer family anxious to find resources and support wherever possible. The feeding tube community was instrumental in this learning process. 

 "I wanted to write this book to help kids with feeding tubes, and other special needs, see themselves as the brave super heroes that they are, and to feel proud that the thing that makes them different, is also where they can find their greatest strength!", Kristi Meyer, author.

Kids Hope Chest - Feeding Friends

Medical Retention TapeKid friendly, self adhesive dressing that secures tubes (NG) and catheters.

Exclusively at Kids Hope Chest.

Resources for Cancer Patients 

Monkey In My Chair

Connecting cancer patients with their Classmates. Monkey in My Chair is a program originally developed in honor of Chloe Watson Feyerherm for pre-school and elementary aged children who are away from school because of a cancer diagnosis. As a result of Chloe's experience, her mother, teachers and community got together to develop the Monkey In My Chair program through the efforts of their newly established charity, the Love, Chloe Foundation. 


The Hair Fairy Project

An alphabet book with a mission, this 32 page picture book will inspire, comfort, educate and encourage children being treated for cancer. Using colorful, warm, humorous illustrations and verse, the author employs the alphabet to feature different aspects of coping with cancer treatment. Many pages include practical information about where to find help or relief for children at this challenging time in their lives.


Joy Jars

If you use your life to help kids fighting cancer in a hospital, at an oncology camp or other care center we would love to send you Jessie’s JoyJars and spread JOY with you. 

JoyJars are for kids actively fighting cancer under the age of 19.  Each one of Jessie’s JoyJars are age and gender specific and filled with new toys and activities to help a child fighting cancer smile and feel loved.